Malt House FAQ


  • Where is your store located? Our store was originally on Emlen Street in Mt. Airy but currently we are between locations. We hope to have a new retail location soon. In the interim, we are handling all our sales through the website.
  • What are your hours? You can place an order anytime 24/7 at our website.
  • What payment types do you accept? Right now we are processing all transactions through PayPal.
  • I have a question that is not on your FAQ… The best thing to do is email your question to We’ll reply, in detail, as quickly as we can.
  • I called but no one answered the phone… We get a ridiculous amount of automated sales calls, if you leave us a voicemail so we know you’re not a robot, we’ll call you back ASAP.
  • Can I just email or text you my order? Absolutely. Or use the Easy Order Form on our site. Just be aware that it might take a little more time to process your order while we verify all you items are in stock.


  • I don’t see a product; can you order it for me? Our suppliers have a huge array of brewing supplies that are not part of our standard stock. We can do a special order for customers; however, depending on the item and timing of the order it could take several weeks to receive.
  • Can I return an item? We always aim to keep customers happy; however most of our products are consumable and perishable so returns are not usually an option. If a mistake was made on our part, please contact us and we’ll do everything we can to rectify the problem.


  • What’s the deal with the Free Delivery? We call it “Brew-to-You”; our local delivery service happens every Friday afternoon. If you live within our delivery area and your order is at least $25, we’ll deliver it at no extra charge. Orders under $25 can still be delivered by Friday for a $6 fee. Check your ZIP code HERE.
  • I need my stuff earlier in the week; can you make a special delivery? Possibly. If you are in the Philadelphia area, contact us with details and we’ll let you know.
  • Can I just pick up my order somewhere? Once we have new retail space, yes, until then contact us and we’ll see if we can work something out.
  • I’m not in your delivery area, can I still order stuff? Sure. We do regular shipping too.


  • Do you still have brewing classes? Occasionally. Check out Mt Airy Learning Tree.
  • Do you do private classes or events? Yes. We can do brewing classes, demonstrations, and beer tastings. Contact us for information and party ideas.
  • We’re getting married and we wanted special beer for our reception, can you help? Everyone wants their day to be special and what’s more special than a one-of-a-kind, hand crafted beer? Talk to us, we can help design a brew catered specifically to your taste. Just remember, good beer takes time, so contact us to today.
  • I work for a non-profit and we have a fundraiser coming up… We love to help out a good cause when we can. In the past we’ve donated gift certificates, brewing classes, tasting classes and more. We can even help make a beer just for your event. Contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

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